Livewell Farm is a 40 acre property situated in the beautiful rolling hills fifty kilometres west of Brisbane. We wanted to create a space where our family and others could experience the wonder of nature and learn to appreciate and be grateful for its bounty and beauty.

Our farm produces many things and we embrace biodiversity. We enjoy beautiful tasty pork from our rare breed Berkshire pigs and beef from our miniature Zebu cattle. Whilst, what was the front yard of the old farm has been transformed into a permaculture inspired vegetable garden with vegetable mandalas and a Chicken dome, interspersed with fruit trees.

Please enjoy reading our entries, we hope that one day we will see some of you at the farm in person – or at least drop us a line by e-mail.

31 January 2011

End of January 2011

Time has really flown along this year.

Brian has been very busy slashing and raking the hay ready to bale before the next lot of rain comes. I love seeing the hay shed full but I get tired just thinking about how much energy it takes to get it there!! I am going to plead with him to make the bales just a little little so I don't get a hernia trying to throw them on the stack.

I have been expending a lot of energy the last couple of days but of the creative kind, not the physical. I finally completed Gabriella the ballerina. I love all of the toys I make but this one is really special. I know she is going to make some little girl very, very happy.

She is quiet but fun. Tries really hard in everything she does and dances her way through life. This is Gabrielle the ballerina.

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