Livewell Farm is a 40 acre property situated in the beautiful rolling hills fifty kilometres west of Brisbane. We wanted to create a space where our family and others could experience the wonder of nature and learn to appreciate and be grateful for its bounty and beauty.

Our farm produces many things and we embrace biodiversity. We enjoy beautiful tasty pork from our rare breed Berkshire pigs and beef from our miniature Zebu cattle. Whilst, what was the front yard of the old farm has been transformed into a permaculture inspired vegetable garden with vegetable mandalas and a Chicken dome, interspersed with fruit trees.

Please enjoy reading our entries, we hope that one day we will see some of you at the farm in person – or at least drop us a line by e-mail.

21 February 2011

Well you may not see a pig fly - but see these swim!

Over 37 degrees here today on the farm and our two very friendly 'Large Black' pigs knew exactly the best place to be.

Storm clouds gather over the Farm

Well after three days of temperatures in the high 30's and overnight temps' that didn't drop below 24 the storm clouds finally started to gather. The photo was taken of the second storm front that approached us around 4:14pm and the temperature had already dropped to around 25 degrees.

Mother nature always continues to impress.

11 February 2011

From This, to This, to This

Remember this back in November of last year.

Well three months have passed since then and in that time we have had flooding rain along with 35 degree days but the sweet potato patch has thrived and now look how it looks as we are just start to get our first ones fresh out of the ground.

Our first simple dish we made was a filo pastry tart with sweet potato, caramelised onion and sorrel with a Parmesan and egg base, all served with boiled potatoes and butter.

Oh the simple pleasures.

Livewell Feelwell Eatwell

02 February 2011

Johnny the pirate

I couldn't help myself.... His name had to be Johnny. The most handsome pirate on the big sea.
Complete with eye-patch, this young charmer is ready join ranks with his captain - Isaac. I am able to make other pirate's and have found a few different great fabrics. Just contact me if you are interested.
He has already worked his way into Gabriella's heart. I do hope she doesn't run away with him!