Livewell Farm is a 40 acre property situated in the beautiful rolling hills fifty kilometres west of Brisbane. We wanted to create a space where our family and others could experience the wonder of nature and learn to appreciate and be grateful for its bounty and beauty.

Our farm produces many things and we embrace biodiversity. We enjoy beautiful tasty pork from our rare breed Berkshire pigs and beef from our miniature Zebu cattle. Whilst, what was the front yard of the old farm has been transformed into a permaculture inspired vegetable garden with vegetable mandalas and a Chicken dome, interspersed with fruit trees.

Please enjoy reading our entries, we hope that one day we will see some of you at the farm in person – or at least drop us a line by e-mail.

19 December 2010

Rainy Weather Brings Elephants!!!!

This glorious rain has enabled me to get these elephants finished so they can be delivered before Christmas!
All my girls have fallen in love with them and will be sad to see them leave.

Mobah and Booboo have been lovingly created over the last 3 days.  There seems to be a lot of mother/daughter action here at the farm lately!!!
We had a little heifer born from our most beautiful cow Nova.

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